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Seanchai, also known as storytelling. What will be your story? Enter the world of Valyrium. A world torn asunder by increasingly rampaging monsters. Can you discover the secret to ridding Valyrium of its curse? Join in a clan and head for clan greatness. Help your friends jumping headfirst into multi-player battles. Adventure the world with a loyal pet. Maybe become a great warrior battling in the Arena. The choices and the story are yours to create.

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Seanchai MMO version 1.0.3
© 2016 Broken Enigma Studios
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Question of the day:
How do I join PvP contests?
In order to join PvP you must go to the Hall of Warriors and accept to participate. Once you have accepted you will be listed as a warrior. You can be offlined by other warriors. Arena scores are separate from regular game play.
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---- 1st Mar 2016 -----
Today we move from Alpha test stage to Beta test stage. All scripts are working perfectly. We are now building maps, weapons, Armors, etc.